AB 516 DMV Temporary Tag Training (1)

Review existing document flow for correct completion of Reg51
Review completion of all required fields on Reg51
Review Transition of Reg51 to electronic format
Review new document flow for correct submission of electronic Reg51
Establish Electronic Report of Sale Account
Review New Employee Access Rules to Electronic Report Of Sale Account
We will need
·         Dealership License Information
·         Owner’s Photo ID
·         Employee’s Photo ID & Salesperson License
Time Lines
MASTER Account Creation, ASAP
Your Electronic Report of Sale Account
will require a unique Username & Password.
Only the Registered Owner of the Dealership, as per the DMV Database will be allowed to initiate a Master Account.
Managers, finance officers, dmv clerks & salespersons
Each Master Account Holder for the Dealership can create sub accounts and create access for staff.
Each Sub Account will require a unique Username & Password.
Electronic Report of sale, temporary plates & operating permit
Once activated the Electronic Report of Sale Account will be able to generate immediate:
Report of Sale Originals
Temporary License Plates
Temporary Operating Permits
TriStar Motors
Temporary Tags Training certificate of completion will issue
Continuing education certificate via homestudy included
AB 516 Temporary Tag Training Outline